Looking forward to Worship in October!
October 6:  On this WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY we will celebrate the global witness of Christianity as we share the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Our scripture lesson comes from Luke 17:5–10 where we ask Jesus, alongside the disciples, “Teach us how to increase our faith!”

October 13: How often do we forget to give thanks to God? Thanksgiving is a large piece of our worship of God, and yet we forget its importance on a daily basis. Today we will join the tenth leper and bring our praises, no matter how small. Our
scriptural focus is Luke 17:11–19.

October 20: Luke 18:1–8 reminds us that God hears us. Sometimes, deep within the fullness of life, we feel that God has forgotten us. Yet here in the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that God has heard us and has not left us.

October 27: On this day in which we celebrate Reformation, we will stop to take a look at what has become a buzz word in our culture: FREEDOM. In the gospel according to John, we are reminded of the source of true freedom. Our focus in the scriptures for this worship service will be John 8:31–36.

(Looking Ahead): November 3: A Celebration of All the Saints!