Christian Education

Learning and Growing in Faith!

Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers are loved mightily in the nursery by our two paid staff who have been trained in church safety with little ones. While parents are welcome to keep their little ones in worship with them, these two workers are more than happy to keep them for the service time — giving them play time, Bible music time, and learning about Jesus. These little ones will come into the worship service for A Time to Worship with Children. We always expect children to be children. And while we keep them safe, we also know that they are full of energy and enthusiasm about life. And we give thanks to God for such wonder!

School-aged kids up through 3rd grade have the opportunity to leave the sanctuary after the Time to Worship with Children part of the worship service. They will be taken to the classroom next to the nursery where they will have a Sunday School class and learn about Jesus with their peers.

Children in 4th grade and higher are encouraged to grab a worship bag and stay in the sanctuary to learn what worship is about and to be a physical part of the community of Jesus Christ.

Students in grades 6-9 are invited to join a Confirmation Class with Pastor Katie. If you have interest in learning more about what Confirmation is about in the Presbyterian Church, give Pastor Katie a call or an email!

Following worship one Sunday per month, JAM (Jesus and Me) youth and family events will be held, inviting children of all ages and their families to come together to bring praise to God in various locations and ways, and always with lots of energy!

Adults also have many opportunities to grow in faith. Sunday morning Sunday School takes place in the parlor at 9 a.m. September through May.

These are the 14 Stations of the Cross, designed to help you focus on the story of Christ’s death and his great love for you. The readings have come from: and And the music comes directly from The images are all from Illustrated Ministry and were colored by the children of First Presbyterian Church in Tiffin to be used to help us all with Good Friday worship while we are in isolation. Thank you, Natalie, Alysha, Wyatt, Everett, Jackie, Grayson, Avary, Liam, Quinton, Milo, Alina, Edison, David, Arin, Nolan, Andrew and Darci for your contributions!

Station 1: Sorrow
Station 2: Listen and Reflect
Station 3: Condemnation
Station 4: Denial
Station 5: Judgment
Station 6: Crowning
Station 7: Bearing the Cross
Station 8: Helping
Station 9: Blessing
Station 10: Crucifixion
Station 11: Promise
Station 12: Caring
Station 13: Darkness
Station 14: Burial